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The Grit Institute offers standout courses developed from years of research and insights, synthesized with the best of leadership and management training and using the power of story for maximum impact. Join us in our signature Going for Grit learning journey or one of several other deep dive learning journeys to develop leadership and grit in yourself, your team, and your organization today.

Available Learning Journeys


Paths to Purpose

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Going for Grit

Going for Grit helps you as a leader or an aspiring leader or people, of change, of excellence, learn how to develop grit and resilience grounded in a sense of your unique values and purpose. You can contribute all you are meant to in this world, and achieve your dreams.

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Leadership Storytelling

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All Grit Institute Learning Journeys provide:

The Grit Institute Experience

The Grit Institute operates with a whole leader approach, training leadership, purpose and grit through story and with proven research, tactics, and techniques.

Web-based Interactive Content

Including skill-building videos, exercises, and practice activities. All activities are curated and delivered by thought leader and author Shannon Huffman Polson.

100% Fully Unlimited Access

Any course you purchase you will retain all modules and content. Members learn at their own pace with reference materials throughout the experience.

Founded on Grit Triad 

Material based on proprietary methods like The Grit Triad which teaches leaders to Commit, Learn, and Launch. Popularized by The Grit Factor. 

Invitations to Live Webinars

For deeper connectivity, learning, community, growth and practice, members are invited to live webinars focused on growth topics and curriculum.

Community Collaboration

Our courses facilitate team building within the four walls of your organization and create places for community interaction outside of the organization as well.

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