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What is it costing you?

How much does employee turnover cost your company? Can you estimate the cost of a lack of engagement? How much does it cost you personally, in terms of your own well being and satisfaction?

In our current environment, with people leaving their companies at rates never seen before, especially women, leaders are in a crisis. 

How does a leader address this unprecedented challenge? 


Imagine this: in the midst of planning your product, the world comes to a stop with a once in a lifetime global pandemic. Everything is cancelled or put on hold. Sales plummet. Managers scramble to find ways to connect with teams remotely, something for which they have not been trained and feel woefully unprepared to execute.

Social unrest erupts during the summer, and racial inequity takes the fore, and suddenly the advertising campaign you had scheduled looks tone deaf. It will need to be scrapped and rebuilt, but revenue is down so much there is no way you can afford it.

It's hard to know if people are working or not. You are trying to manage a team while your toddler comes into your office in the middle of an all-hands call. You are worried about your elderly parents, and you won't be able to visit.

It's no wonder that some leaders and managers let meaningful connection people slide in all of this, but the impact of that slide is devastating.

People know that they want to do meaningful work, in an environment with meaningful relationships and opportunity to excel. Work hasn't been providing that and they're going to be looking to move to a place that does (or stay at a place where that's already offered.)

Now, on top of revenue challenges, supply chain issues and the requirements to redevelop strategic plans, managers have a new priority:

  • How to hire and keep the best employees, and motivate them to do their best work.
  • How to help their employees find meaning at work and at home.
  • How to give people what they need to develop an integrated sense of self so they can do their best work.

What if you could change the tide?

This is where Grit Institute courses, consulting and coaching come into play.

We're committed to building leaders for a better world, to make developing your people easier, providing meaningful training that:

lets them know how valued they are,

helps them move forward toward their own goals so

they feel a sense of meaningful contribution and opportunity

which helps YOUR bottom line

and builds a culture of contribution

where you and your people thrive-- together.


Paths to Purpose

Paths to Purpose equips learners and leaders with 5 specific ways to identify your purpose and learn to lead a more purpose-filled life, both professionally and personally, increasing engagement, performance, and retention. Are you ready to find yours?

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Going for Grit

Going for Grit helps you as a leader or aspiring leader or people, of change, of excellence, learn how to develop grit and resilience grounded in a sense of your unique values and purpose. You can contribute all you are meant to in this world, and achieve your dreams.

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 “Employees rate the ‘opportunity to learn’ as among their top reasons for taking a job,” according to Deloitte Insights, “and 94% say they would stay in a company if it helped them to develop."
- Harvard Business Review

All Grit Institute Learning Journeys include:

The Grit Institute Experience

The Grit Institute operates with a whole leader approach, training leadership, purpose and grit through story and with proven research, tactics, and techniques.

Web-based Interactive Content

Including skill-building videos, exercises, and practice activities. All activities are curated and delivered by thought leader and author Shannon Huffman Polson.

100% Unlimited Access

 You will retain all modules and content for any course you purchase. Members learn at their own pace with reference materials throughout the experience.

Founded on The Grit Triad 

Material based on proprietary methods like The Grit Triad which teaches leaders to develop grit as part of the whole person through three legs: Commit, Learn, and Launch. Popularized by The Grit Factor. 

Invitations to Live Webinars

For deeper connectivity, learning, community, growth and practice, members are invited to live webinars focused on growth topics and curriculum.

Activate and Integrate

At the Grit Institute, we understand that only 10% of our learning happens formally. 20% comes from work you do with your manager and the final 70% is work you do yourself. Our Activate and Integrate module helps you bring your learning journey into your everyday work. 

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