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Going For Grit

Developed from years of research and insights from top leaders in the military over multiple generations, synthesized with the best of leadership and management research, this training has never been available: until now.
Going for Grit helps you as a leader or an aspiring leader or people, of change, of excellence, learn how to develop grit and resilience grounded in a sense of your unique values and purpose So you can contribute all you are meant to in this world, and achieve your dreams.
Following the unique format of The Grit Triad, Polson leads students through the three phases of development: Commit, Learn and Launch. 



Students will invest in understanding themselves and their personal foundation for leadership and grit.


Students consider their own teams, as well as developing the skills of active listening, and building habits that increase grit and resilience.


Students look at how to remain grounded in the past, engaged in the present, and working toward the future with audacity, authenticity and adaptability.


Cutting Edge Content

The research behind Going for Grit draws from both time-tested leadership techniques and the latest research, all informed by experience on the front lines. This course shares the research foundations with the successful book, The Grit Factor. 

Focused Resources

Our worksheets, videos, and exercises are designed to bring key learnings to life and pull you into the core of the most valuable material, helping you make these new skills your own by internalizing these lessons to take them forward into your next challenge.

Self Paced Training

This course is designed with the student in mind. As our world gets busier and busier, it's critical that we continue to make room for learning. Complete this 15-hour course at your own pace with engaging and inspirational material in every module. 

Story Based Lessons

Learn from stories, lessons, and tactical exercises that are drawn from leaders in the vanguards of their fields. The stories highlighted in this course are all female military leaders. Their experiences with grit and resilience provide insights for any learner.

What You'll Learn

The Grit Triad develops grit as a part of the whole person in the fabric of our character as well as specific actions and tactics. It's made up of Commit, Learn, and Launch. Students will do a deep dive on each part of the Grit Triad and then learn how to make them work in harmony for even greater impact. 

Grit Institute students invest in themselves to understand and connect to their stories, revealing strengths and values that will lead to success.

You’ll do the work to connect to core purpose, or heart purpose, that anchor that is uniquely yours and that gives you both the foundation and drive to face challenges and reach your goals.

In Going for Grit, you’ll think strategically about building your team. Who is critical to your success? Who is not critical to your success? How do you recognize which voices of feedback to listen to?

You’ll learn the art and science of active listening, critical to every leader’s success. You'll practice asking the right questions and taking an intentional moment to pause and listen fully.

You’ll build the skills of grit and resilience borrowing from the program used to train soldiers and families, equipping you with what you need to take on challenges and face whatever comes your way.

You’ll look at what holds you back from taking risks, and how to move ahead in the face of fear.

You’ll define your unique value proposition, and ensure that the way that you work allows you to bring your best.

The pinnacle of grit and resilience? Staying grounded in what matters most and deeply engaged in the present, moving forward with adaptability. You’ll learn how to use the Grit Triad in concert to prepare you for leadership with authenticity, audacity, and adaptability. 

Invest in YOU.

You already have everything you need to get started today building your grit and resilience. All you need is the desire to grow and the mindset of a continuous learner. If you're ready to invest in yourself and build your leadership skills, then don't wait any longer. Join us and become a part of the movement dedicated to strengthening grit in our everyday lives. Are you ready?

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Invest in your ORGANIZATION.

Looking for something to kickstart your culture of grit? This course is designed to be scalable and is fully equipped to support use within all levels of an organization. Our graduates see increases in employee engagement, development, performance, and retention. If you're ready for an enterprise-level grit-based solution, let's chat. 

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