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The Grit Institute

Developed from years of research and insights from top leaders in the military over multiple generations, synthesized with the best of leadership and management research, this training has never been available: until now.

Following the unique format of The Grit Triad, Polson leads candidates through three phases of development: Commit, Learn and Launch. 

In the Commit Phase, students will invest in understanding themselves and their personal foundation for leadership and grit. In "Learn," students consider their own teams, as well as developing the skills of active listening, and building habits that increase grit and resilience. In launch, students look at how to remain grounded in the past, engaged in the present and working toward the future with audacity, authenticity and adaptability.


Going for Grit

Teaching the foundations and applications of grit, resilience and leadership of yourself and your teams, Going for Grit brings home the key findings of The Grit Factor.

Exclusive cutting edge content

The research behind Going for Grit draws from both time-tested leadership techniques and the latest research, all informed by experience on the front lines.

Focused exercises

Exercises designed to drive home the key learning allow you to internalize lessons and take them forward into your next challenge.

Video support

Video training and worksheet support bring key findings alive and pull you into the core of the most valuable material, helping you to make these new skills your own.

Introduction to Going for Grit


Self-Paced Training

Complete the 15 hour training over 6 weeks on your own time, virtually. Engage online and through downloadable worksheets. Webinars available for corporate license packages.

Resources for continuing learning

Worksheets, downloads and more to help support your learning and inspiration as you develop your skills and prepare for the challenges ahead! Opt in to emails to follow on and take you through integrating what you've learned into your own life and work.

You're ready for launch!

Don't wait another day- grit and leadership can't wait!


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